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English Drama ANDE-ANDE LUMUT – 8-3 (255 JHS #24) VERSION SUMMARY Ande-Ande Lumut is a prince from Jenggala Kingdom, and has a real name Panji Asmarabangun. He looks for a girl to be his wife, but he doesn’t get it. So he makes a contest for the whole of girls in the kingdom In a far far away village, there’s a family that consist of mother, and her two daughters named Klenting Merah and Klenting Kuning. Klenting Kuning is so nice and friendly but her sister not. Her mother is also cruel. That contest is herd by that family. Klenting Merah and Klenting Kuning is so excited. But their mother said there’s only one girl has to go to the contest, she is Klenting Merah. Because Klenting Kuning is just her step daughter. Klenting Kuning is so sad. To get to the kingdom, Klenting Merah has to pass the river that protected by Yuyu Kangkang, an ugly monster that always finds a girl to be his wife. When Klenting Merah meet Yuyu Kangkang, she accepts the approval that she will get a black dot on her forehead. She don’t know what will happen next. At home, Klenting Kuning plans to go to the castle without her mother’s permission. When she arrived at the river, she meets Yuyu Kangkang and says she want to get the black dot. But when she arrived, she asks a question for Yuyu Kangkang, “It has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, and 3 legs when it’s night. What is it?” Yuyu Kangkang answer, “Dog? Cat? Monster?” but he doesn’t get the answer. While he’s thinking, Klenting Kuning runs away. When Klenting Merah arrived at the castle, Prince Panji says that he won’t marry Klenting Merah because she has a black dot on her forehead. But when Klenting Kuning arrive, Klenting Kuning get shocked when she know that the Prince is so ugly. Thus, Klenting Merah and Klenting Kuning don’t get marrry and the Prince be a Forever Alone man. *** Once upon a time, there was a big kingdom-Jenggala Kingdom. Nashri, the King, said to his son, Excel, that the prince of Jenggala Kingdom should find a girl to be his wife. King: “My son, you’re twenty five years old now. You should find a girl to be your wife.” Prince: “Dad, I know when should I have a wife.” King: “No, you must find her now. This is for your own future.” Prince: “But I don’t want. It just—“ King: “You must! If you can’t get her for a month, you must go from this kingdom.” So, the King made a contest for all girls in his kingdom. Every girl was so excited. That news heard by a family in a small village, far far away. It consist of mother and her two daughters, Klenting Merah and Klenting Kuning. Merah: “Wow! I heard, the King made a contest for all girls in this kingdom. I should join this contest!” Kuning: “Why are you so excited? What’s the price, Merah?” Merah: “The girl who win this contest, will marry the prince! Oh my god, the richest man in this town!” Kuning: “That’s great! We should join that contest, Merah!” Merah: “What do you mean by “we”?” (Mother comes) Mother: “Hey, Klenting Merah, Klenting Kuning, what hapenned?” Kuning: “The king made a contest for the girls in this town, to find a wife for the prince.” Mother: “You should join it, Merah!” Kuning: “How about me?” Mother: “What? You’re just my step daughter, Kuning! The one who will join this contest is Merah!” Kuning: “But, mother ...” Mother: “You should clean the house until me and Merah go home. Understand?” Kuning: “Understand, mother ...” Kuning was so sad because she couldn’t join the contest. In Klenting Merah’s room, Merah and her mother primped their face. They also tried all dresses in the cupboard. Merah: “I’m done! Look, I think this is my best dress. The prince will be falling in love with me, mom!” Mother: “Of course, he will dear! (Look at Kl.Kuning) Now, Kuning, you can start cleaning this house. Remember, as clean as a sparkling diamond. I will go to bed and Merah will go meet her husband to be. Tomorrow you must done your work.” Merah: “Bye, mom!” Mother: “Bye, Merah!” Then, Klenting Kuning cleaned the house. But suddenly, she thought that she can go to the castle without her mother’s permission. While, she prepared her dress, Klenting Merah met Yuyu Kangkang, the ugliest monster who always makes the girl who across the river to be his wife. Merah: “Hey, who are you?” YK: “I’m Yuyu Kangkang the lobster. I help peoples to cross this river.” Merah: “Aah I remember you. I ate you last week with a special delicious sauce in a seafood restaurant.” YK: “So you’ve already ate my family?! Oh damn, I’m alone now.” Merah: “Okay. I don’t care about your problem. Now you can help me to cross that river because I’m the princess who will marry the prince.” YK: “Really?” Merah: “Of course! I’m beautiful. The prince will be falling in love with me!” YK: “Okay. You can cross this river in one condition. You’ll get a black dot on your forehead. It’s mean you’ll be my follower. Accept it?” Merah: “Alright. It doesn’t matter for me.” So, Merah cross the river by rode Yuyu Kangkang. Then she got the black dot, and she went to the castle by feet. A few minutes later, Klenting Kuning arrived at the river and met Yuyu Kangkang. YK: “Who are you?” Kuning: “I’m Klenting Kuning. Please help me to cross the river.” YK: “I’ll help you with one condition. You will get a black dot on your forehead and be my follower. Accept it?” Kuning: “Sure, okay.” Klenting Kuning rode Yuyu Kangkang, just like Klenting Merah did. YK: “Arrived! Now let me give a black dot on your forehead!” Kuning: “Wait!” YK: “What else?” Kuning: “If you give me a black dot on my forehead, I’ll be uglier than my sister!” YK: “That’s not my problem!” Kuning: “But I have to go now. Ah, I get an idea. I will give you a very difficult question. I think, you can’t answer it correctly ...” YK: (get angry) “I CAN ANSWER IT!” Kuning: “So ... It has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, and 4 legs when it’s night. What is it?” YK: “Wait ... Monster?” Kuning: “No.” YK: “Giraffe?” Kuning: “No.” YK: “Octopus?” Kuning: “Of course not!” YK: “I can answer it. Just wait ... Wait ...” Kuning: “Okay.” Yuyu Kangkang just walked around Klenting Kuning and thought what’s the answer. He don’t want Klenting Kuning saw him give up for a simple question. So he just walked and didn’t know that Klenting Kuning ran away. In the castle, the King meet Klenting Merah and he was so happy, finally he found a beatiful girl. King: “You will join the contest? Oh, please come in ... The prince is waiting!” Merah: “My pleasure.” King: “Do you know, my son is a very handsome man. He’s kind, friendly, ...” Merah: “I know it. So where’s my prince?” Prince: “Hello, are you Klenting Merah?!” Merah: “Yes, and you? Ooh I know, you’re the gardener!” Prince: “NOO! I’m the prince!” Merah: “Wha ... What?” Prince: “Hey, what’s that on your forehead? You’re Yuyu Kangkang’s follower? Oh I won’t marry you!” Merah: “Oh Thanks, God, you save me!” Suddenly, Klenting Kuning came and met the prince. Prince: “Hey, who are you?” Kuning: “I’m Klenting Kuning. And you ...?” Prince: “I’m the prince, of course!” Kuning: “What? The prince musn’t be so ugly!!!” Prince: “I’m handsome!” Kuning: “Ohmygod ... No way ...” Thus, Klenting Kuning and Klenting Merah live happily in their village. And The Prince became Forever Alone. Is this the end? Yes, it is. THE END

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